Anxiety mounts in states over unpaid pension

The pensioners, who protested under the umbrella of Abia Concerned Pensioners, released a statement signed by its chairman, Amaugo Daniel and secretary, Okezie Emeka.


Boomers crush millennials

The amounts are hardly trivial. According to the latest projections by Social Security’s actuaries, the uncovered gap between the program’s costs and revenues comes to $13.9 trillion over the next 75 years, or 2.78 percent of covered wages.


Corbyn govt could affect IFAs

Mr Corbyn has announced plans to regain control of Britain’s infrastructure networks as part of an overhaul of nationalisation policy.


Schemes urged to act on bulk annuities as funding 'crumbles'

Speaking to PP at the Longevity 15 conference in Washington last week, Prudential Retirement senior vice-president and head of longevity risk transfer Amy Kessler said schemes have experienced a "perfect" environment for de-risking.


The Importance of Saving for Millenials

The key to a successful retirement from here is understanding what your outgoings will be once you finish working, at what age you plan to retire and what level of savings you, therefore, need to put away to make that provision.