TPR issues update on funding proposals

The draft Code will contain firm proposals, with TPR saying "we will certainly take account of COVID-19 when...we develop Fast Track guidelines".


Uncertainty over impact of extended TPR powers persists

Looking ahead however, the firm found that just 14 per cent of respondents viewed the approach of TPR as the most significant factor in determining how pension schemes of distressed employers will fare in the year ahead.


Legacy pensions score win

SMSFA deputy chief executive and director of policy and education Peter Burgess said the change will be appreciated by a minority of SMSFs affected.


John McClaughry: Retirement fund blues

The actuaries, looking years into the future, have to make assumptions about numbers of current and future retirees and crucially, the expected returns on the invested funds (now just over $4 billion).


Exclusive: Help & Advice launches free pension scam predictor tool

“Beginning to realise how sophisticated scammers were becoming, and then having investigated the ease of external support that was available, we thought a simple tool, that anyone could use, could be a great sense check before they proceed with a tr